Counseling Associates is located in Lewistown MT in the Bank Electric Building second floor
Ty Bullard Wertheimer LCPC with Star Bright Counseling LLC
Deanna Stevenson LCPC
Lisa Gilbert LCPC
505 West Main Street Suite 225
Lewistown, MT 59457
Office: (406) 535-5990
Deanna email:
Ty email:

To reach/schedule with Ty Bullard Wertheimer LCPC,
at Star Bright Counseling LLC in Stanford or Hobson locations
(406) 589-4664
Mailing address only:
809 Wertheimer Drive
Hobson, MT 59452

Location address in Stanford:
(Back of the Trading post building)
67 Central Ave
Stanford, MT 59479
Fax: (844) 837-1209

Counseling Associates hours vary based on client's needs, times of year, and counselors discretion.

At our practice we have a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) providing all NFB sessions and monitoring progress along the way. All sessions are billed through your insurance provider as a modality of mental health counseling. NFT is a type of mental health counseling when combined with guidance and verbal direction in conjunction with the training sessions. It is encouraged for clients to utilize BOTH talk therapy and training sessions to receive the most optimal results. Our practitioners work with other doctors and therapists in the community to insure the full wrap around care to the client is provided. If NFB treatment is chosen as a modality of therapy, it is important for all persons on the client’s medical team to be aware of the treatment as NFB can produce changed results from current psychotropic medications and physiological treatments. It is not recommended to participate in Neurofeedback treatment while pregnant.

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